Palestinian History Platform UX Strategy

The Interactive Encyclopedia of the Palestine Question (previously titled Palestinian Journeys) is an immersive history-telling platform developed in partnership between Visualizing Palestine (a project of Visualizing Impact), the Palestinian Museum and the Institute for Palestine Studies.

I worked with Visualizing Palestine from the initial strategy phase of the project through to concept development and design. Alongside assisting in the development of the initial proposal and budget plan for the project, my primary role was to synthesise the ideas from initial discussions with the partners into a UX strategy for the project.

Our aim throughout the project was to evolve our partners’ ideas of a traditional timeline-based platform into an immersive exploration with visual, story-driven content as a primary entry point to engage a wider audience.

A matrix of target user groups for the platform.

Visualizing an action-driven model for the flow of users through the platform.

An early wireframe, giving a sense of how the platform could look on tablet and mobile.

Visualizing a network of interconnected topics to feature in story-driven content.

Visualizing how the content of the platform could connect the local, regional and global scale.

Visualizing how the content of the platform could connect the local, regional and global scale.

An illustrative data model linking historical events, stories and audiovisual content.

Intended user journeys for different types of users.

Mapping different types of content geographically.

Mapping different types of content over time.

Considering headlines and stories as an entrypoint to the platform.

A dashboard concept for exploring the connections betweeen different types of content.

Considering the elements that should be present of the landing page of the platform.

Considering different types of landing pages for the platform.

Actual landing page for originally launched version of platform.