MyToyTown Product Design

MyToyTown is a personalized slot-together wooden play system that I have been developing since early 2017.

The idea for the toy originated in a farm construction toy that I designed for my son’s third birthday, and inspired by the possibilities offered by laser cutting and uv-printing technologies to develop a high-end toy that could be personalized and manufactured on-demand.

The major features of MyToyTown are its personalization, its simple slot-together design, the possibility to connect playsets to build an entire town, and the fact that it is made entirely from wood.

The development of MyToyTown was supported by the SmartESA accelerator programme and a Kafalat iSME innovation grant.

MyToyTown bus and bus stop in close-up.

Building a town in fast-motion, with buildings pre-assembled.

A typical playset being laser cut.

A demonstration of MyToyTown’s slot-together construction system.

Poster explaining MyToyTown play system concept.

Playset designs for large farm, sports stadium, fairground and roads/girder bridge.

Layout incorporating around four playsets and Brio-style wooden railways.

Personalized laser cut boxes.

Playset designs for Lebanese house, and for Haifa, Jerusalem and Damascus stations (compatible with Brio wooden trains).