RMJM Environmental Design Toolkit

The RMJM Environmental Design (RED) Box toolkit is a set of tools developed with the intention of bringing environmental and sustainable design principles to the core of the architectural design process across RMJM’s global offices, and of ensuing compliance with ISO 14001 environmental management standards.

I was involved from early in the project, and was responsible for leading the research and development of an environmental design guide, project checklist, and a series of “rules of thumb” cards introducing different aspects of environmental and sustainable design, including human comfort, passive design, integrated renewable energy and post-occupancy evaluation.

RED Box in use in RMJM Cambridge office.

Contents of RED Box, including design guide and "rules of thumb" cards.

Contents of one "rules of thumb" section.

Proposed timeline for use of guides throughout the course of an architectural project.

Examples of "rules of thumb" cards.