Infographics for CARE International

From 2019 to 2021, I was asked to create a series of infographics communicating the findings of Care International’s annual needs assessment for refugees and vulnerable persons in Jordan. My role included selecting key facts and figures from the assessment, designing and copywriting the content, as well as the production of the final infographics in English and Arabic.

The infographics were designed in two formats. Firstly, as a two-page spread for inclusion in the reports and, secondly, broken down into a series of mini-visuals for use in presentation slides and on social media.

Persistent Gender Inequalities. Ahmad Barclay/CARE

Inclusion of the Most Vulnerable. Ahmad Barclay/CARE

Covid 19: A Shock on Top of a Crisis. Ahmad Barclay/CARE

Arabic versions of infographics, adapted for social media/slides. Ahmad Barclay/CARE