Sea of Stories Exhibition

Sea of Stories: Voyages of the Palestinian Archive is an interactive exhibition charting the stories of three significant archives of the Palestinian revolutionary period — the Palestinian Cinema Institution, the PLO Research Centre and WAFA News Agency — as they are displaced and fragmented across the Mediterranean, from Beirut and Amman to Haifa, Cyprus, Gaza, Ramallah, Tunis and the Algerian desert.

The exhibition — consisting of a series of interactive experiences traversing space and time — was curated by myself and Hana Sleiman, with animation and interaction design by The Council. I was also responsible for the architectural layout of the exhibition. The work was originally presented at Dar El-Nimer in Beirut as part of the 3rd Qalandia International.

A walkthrough of the Sea of Stories exhibit.

The "control room", where narratives of the archives can be explored through space and time.

A diagram showing how people flow through the spaces of the exhibition.

A mapping of the voyages of the archives across the Mediterranean.

A mapping of the movement of the archives through space and time.

Selected photographs from the opening night of the exhibit.